About The Project

East & West: A Sacred Music Project” has been conceived to help listeners connect with meditational and spiritual traditions in classical music both from the East and the West. We are inspired by and educated in the sounds of Indian classical music (ragas), Vedic mantras and shlokas, traditional Jewish and Christian hymns and an array of western classical styles. The pieces in our repertory are not part of it just because they are beautiful immortal works of art. They are in it as maps and blueprints that guide us in the discovery of our truer selves.

The bansuri and the western concert flute are just like our voices the tools that come together to bring about a miracle: the realization of our common prana, or life force and its personal manifestation in living creatures through breath—prana, incidentally, is also the Sanskrit word for breath. Our instruments depend on our control of this special breath to distill their nectar.

There are numerous references in western religious traditions to this “breath of life.” In Hebrew for example the word for spirit (ruach) also means wind and breath. The Holy Spirit is known as the Breath of God to Christians.

With this prana, a sacred breath we hope to offer you a chance to connect with your inner rhythms to help you regulate your breathing, and to reacquaint yourself with your most intimate birthright: peace.